What makes stories great?

The answer is simple: Finding new, creative ways to tell them

We use modern technology to bring people the best stories in the most exciting ways.

We collaborate with established, world-famous artistic institutions, helping them work with incredible new technology.

Whether it's art, film, TV or Virtual Reality, we want to capture your imagination and give you the art you deserve.


Mahdi Yahya

Founder & President

Room One is Mahdi’s vision. With a keen eye for design and aesthetic, he’s constructed a process that unites diverse disciplines and a wide spectrum of innovators. We think Mahdi might be superhuman.

Patrick Morgan

Creative Director

No one looks better in bike shorts than Pat. He’s worked with Tom Ford, Christian Dior and taught at the Royal College of Art. His knowledge of art history and wild approach to make him the perfect man to head Room One’s artistic direction.

Richard Stephens

Director of Operations

His shirts are never creased and maybe that’s why he’s always so cheerful. A Software Developer and Entrepreneur, Richard knows how to hit deadlines. He also used to own a motorcycle but that was a long time ago.

Melissa Doré

Business Executive

You’ll need some practice to pronounce Melissa’s surname properly. Luckily, you’ll have plenty of time for that while she’s busy keeping everything ticking along.

Mike Samir


When Mike came twentieth in the Electric Boogie World Championships at the age of ten, many thought he had reached his peak. But his first project for Room One Films, produced in partnership with HBO, was screened at the BFI London Film Festival.

Elena Corchero

Head of Design Research

If you want cool gadgets, crazy science or matcha tea, Elena is the woman you need to see. You’ll find this former MIT researcher in the lab creating eco-friendly lifestyle products that will blow your mind. She’s even been featured in Elle magazine.

John Torrie

Head Writer

He writes. Scripts, blurbs and witty one-liners for social media. He’s most often working on feature films with his fellow beard-grower, Mike Samir. He prefers to write by hand and finds using computers rather difficult.

Tom Jarvis

Head of Design

He once won the critically acclaimed Conran Award for the best graduate design, but nowadays you’ll find him wearing a woolly hat. He’s now working with Virtual Reality designing products that can improve people’s lives.

Alexia Commatas

Front of House Administrator

With her furry coat and big smile, Alexia’s the first person you see when you enter the office. When she’s not answering phones or organising events, Alexia can be found paintballing and excitedly waiting for the next Star Wars film.

Kassem Younis

Technical Director

He was the kind of child that would be more excited about opening up his toys and figuring out how they worked, than he was playing with them. He now creates anything with technology. He's also a good singer.

Beatriz Fernandes

Graphic Designer

Beatriz is famous for making waves. Literally. An exhibition of one of her pieces, Memory of a Non-place, featured a seascape displayed across three windows. She now creates incredible animations, images and branding.

Laurence Chater


Hobnobs are the way to Laurence’s heart. They give him all the energy he needs to spearhead Room One TV and Room One VR. You’ll find him wearing headphones and pondering the future of Virtual Reality.

Oliver Staiano


Ollie is not keen on being called ‘Oliver’ because his mother uses that name when she’s cross with him. Working at the intersection between graphic design and practical design, his work is stylish, classy and original.



This classy lady introduces creative partners and collaborators to Room One. Thanks to her years of experience in the design world, no one knows style like Dovile. And her strange collection of coffee stirrers is still growing.

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