Designing personalised customer experiences

Client: Unilever

The Challenge

To develop an experience for companies to show their clients the transition between Virtual, Augmented and Physical worlds. By creating an object in situ to take home and share.

The Solution

The concept consists on turning a virtual drawing into a physical wearable object. As an example of this concept we developed a bespoke jewellery experience to show Unilever clients the role of technology and its implementation on customised beauty products.
The customers used VR, AR and 3D printing technology to turn a drawing into jewellery in a 3D immersive environment using VR. The appeal of the project is the ability to build a truly unique and personal piece within 20 minutes.


The customer uses virtual tools to customise an existing product, which is loaded into a creative virtual environment.
Using AR technology, the customer visualises their creation being able to test and retouch if needed.
Through 3D printing technology, the audience design is printed and ready to take home by the client. We designed AR tags that brought designs to life on a 3D printed jewel, merging together the virtual and the real.

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