Creative Technologies And Multidisciplinary Applications



We develop experiences for clients that help them and their audiences understand new technologies, transitioning between Virtual, Augmented and Physical worlds.
To demonstrate this concept, we developed a bespoke jewellery experience for Unilever to show their clients how these technologies enable them to create customised beauty products. As part of the experience, clients create a personalised product to take home and share.
We designed an accelerated design process that takes the client from building quick prototypes to reviewing their creation and delivering the finished product in under an hour. Bringing their ideas to life in a low cost, creative environment and producing rapid tangible results gives an insight into the future of personalised consumer products.

Designing jewellery in an immersive 3D environment

The hands on experience is an intensive introduction into designing in virtual reality, centered around human creation. New technologies also enable quick product refinement, through instant feedback enabled by augmented reality. Producing the final product though 3D printing allows the client to walk away with their personal product almost instantly.

Reviewing quick build prototypes and custom designs

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