London-based Room One presents a triptych of sculptural speakers.


The product will be launched in London as part of Clerkenwell Design Week.

Defined by a casual blend of geometry and colour, the design of Surface is driven by the technology behind it.

Room One, a design and technology lab, launches Surface, a wall-mounted speaker with sculptural qualities designed to enhance sound dispersion.

Speakers are ugly, and designers Tom Jarvis and Oliver Staiano have brought material and shape to the forefront of their design. Powered by distinctive acoustic technology, Surface creates sound as frequencies resonate through engineered wood.

“We translated Olly’s sketches into 3D forms. There was a lot testing before we settled on the right sound.” The duo have merged two distinct workflows in developing the speaker.

Drawing from backgrounds in both product and industrial design, the product references artistic influences and benefits from concise design methodology to create a well balanced product, which is assembled in a London workshop.

Surface uses a state of the art technology called transducers to create sound, where the entire surface becomes the speaker as frequencies resonate through the disk.

To build Surface, the duo worked with some of Europe’s leading producers of engineered wood to ensure precision and quality across each piece. Made from layers of beech veneer, the disks are moulded then shaped using CNC milling.

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