Royal Court Theatre

The Challenge

We were approached by the Royal Court Theatre to develop a solution that to engage younger audiences encouraging them to attend the Open Court festival. The Open Court festival is a short, annual program of events which required a multi-functional platform. The platform should host information about the shows and enable seat purchases.

We worked closely with the Royal Court’s Youth Board to understand what were the needs and how best could we approach the Theatre’s different audiences. In order to engage with a younger generation of theatre goers, we needed to design a solution that offered a little extra, so we hosted workshops with the Royal Court’s Youth Board to determine the key features for future public engagement.


The Solution

We decided to develop a platform that was both well designed and cross-functional. This required developing a simple, intuitive app that would be central to those organising their attendance to the festival. It needed essential informative features, alongside a user friendly purchase system.

We built an app permitting the public to browse the schedule of events and keep up-to-date with what’s happening through tailored notifications. The app featured access to extra behind-the-scenes content, leading to a more personal engagement on the level of the user. This was a simple, innovative and accessible solution to the need to reach more and younger audiences.


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