Design for a supermodern world.

It all began with a conversation.

Following our first interview with Cristian Zuzunaga for Room One TV, we were intrigued by his design philosophy and the ethos behind it. It prompted a longer, more detailed dialogue with him, in which we discovered a shared passion for style, artistry and the roots of contemporary design.

Since then we’ve engaged with Cristian’s pixel philosophy and his notion that the shape is iconic for our time. His use of colour to convey emotion, and his fascination with the theories of Carl Gustav Jung have further intensified his work.

Embrace the digital – make it human.

We are delighted to introduce his design pieces to new audiences and help him combine his unique style with new digital workflows. Our new partnership is one of shared knowledge and design thinking. Cristian’s work and Zuzunaga products will be available to view and purchase in the Gallery.

Born in 1978, Cristian Zuzunaga studied biology and became fascinated by the way microscopes enable us to enlarge an object and break it down into its smallest parts.

He has carried this scientific focus into his design work and strives to break down patterns and images until he discovers their core components. Cristian has received numerous awards: he was most recently recognised with the prestigious Wallpaper* Award for Best Pixelation.

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